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Curricular and Program Development and Expertise       -
  • Active member of College Art Association and Foundations in Art Theory and Education during teaching career.

  • Developed the program, curriculum and courses for the BFA in Photography at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Very successful program, heavily enrolled, prominent graduates, many placed in grad programs. Transitioned program to digital base in early 2000’s. Designed curriculum changes and planned and installed facilities.

  • Developed, designed, installed and managed graphic design digital facilities from mid-1990’s on.

  • Initiated, planned, developed course work and facilities for video courses within the photography program at UWEC. Very successful: students on to graduate study and working professionally.

  • Worked with several students on Faculty-Student Collaboration Grants. Won first prize in state for video work in 2005.

  • Designed (and installed) digital projection systems and access computers in all art studios.

  • Designed and oversaw transition of art slide library to digital image collection for teaching in all art and design courses. Advocated for ARTSTOR – acquired by library.

  • Designed and oversaw installation of new professional lighting systems for the drawing studios.

  • Designed (and installed) new art work display boards in all halls and teaching studios.

  • Initiated, wrote major sections for and Edited ART Students Professional Handbook for UWEC Art & Design majors with art student through Student Faculty Collaboration Grant.

  • Began research and training in health hazards in the arts in late 1970’s. Attended workshop by Monona Rossol and Arts Crafts and Theater Safety (ACTS). Arranged for and oversaw UWEC Art & Design health and safety facility assessment by Monona Rossol. Developed instruction in art health and safety for UWEC students.

  • Developed courses, curriculum and facilities for photography at all teaching positions.

  • Developed courses, curriculum and facilities for ceramics at Wayne General and Technical College.

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